This site contains information about other funding directories and the types of funding and research categories used by fundingZ.

Funding directories

Platform for bilateral collaboration in research and innovation by providing researchers, higher education institutions and innovators with a overview of the most important funding instruments, calls for joint research projects, and mobility programmes.


An initiative of the European Commission, launched under the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Its purpose is to support collaborations between artists, scientists, engineers and researchers to develop more creative, inclusive, and sustainable technologies.


Swiss database for funding from foundations, associations and other organizations. Free to use after registration.


Database of Swiss charitable foundations. Free basic access after registration.

Eidgenössisches Stiftungsverzeichnis

Swiss national foundation index.

Stiftungsverzeichnisse (Center for Philantropy Studies, Universität Basel)

List of cantonal foundations.

Information on scholarships for doctoral students and (fee-based) database for scholarships.

ZHdK Sustainability

List of funding institutions in Switzerland that support sustainability-related projects in the arts and design.

Types of funding


Awards are honours given for exceptional scientific work. These awards are usually granted on an application basis.

Conferences, collaborations and networks

This type of funding covers the costs associated with hosting a research conference, collaborative scientific work, or networking related to research.


This category covers support and consulting work related to a scientific project or a research career.


This type of funding covers all travel-related activity directly connected with scientific work, research projects or academic stays abroad.

Research projects for established researchers

Funding Finder defines established researchers as those who hold a long-term position at a research institution. Therefore, research projects for established researchers do not usually provide funding for a researcher’s own position.


This category contains a wide range of programmes offering very different funding opportunities. Please consult the respective websites to determine whether the funding profile in question meets your needs.


This category includes publications such as scientific papers or non-written presentations such as exhibitions.

Non-personnel research expenses (material resources)

This category includes any tools and materials needed to realise scientific work.

Scholarships and career programmes

This category contains programmes that focus on individual funding. These funding opportunities explicitly provide funding for the researcher’s own position. Depending on the programme, it may be possible to apply for funding for additional academic staff.

Science communication

This category includes programmes that foster dialogue between researchers as well as communication between researchers and the public.


This category defines a start-up as a new company with an innovative business idea and high growth potential.

Research categories

Use-inspired research/innovation

Research that is driven by the potential (commercial) use of the outcome.

Use-inspired basic research

Research that relates to practice and is associated with scientific knowledge production.

Basic research

Research that focuses on knowledge gain rather than (commercial) use.